The Power of Electrification: an Introduction

I drive a nice hybrid vehicle to work each day.  My wife also drives a nice vehicle, with a similarly-sized gas tank.  When she fills up her car’s gas tank, the “Distance to Empty” indicator shows about 370 miles to empty; when I fill up my hybrid vehicle’s gas tank, the same type indicator shows over 500 miles to empty – more than 35% better than my wife’s very nice but non-hybrid vehicle. The benefit of electrification becomes very clear with fewer stops at the pump.

The PG tag line is ‘Engineering Power’ for a reason:  we’re working hard to bring the benefits of electrification to our customer base and the end users of their equipment.  The fuel savings aspects of electrification illustrated here are an obvious starting point, but it doesn’t end here.  Watch this space for more discussion about the benefits of hybrid systems and vehicle electrification in your products!