Robust products with the most precise control use PG solutions

PG Engineered Control Solutions are found in many different areas. Applications requiring the most precise control and robust products use PG solutions. If you have an application that may not be served directly by one of our current products, please feel free to contact us to determine a solution that is best for you. Our engineering and manufacturing experience allow us to quickly respond to create custom solutions for your specific needs.

Solution Stories

Tough actuators to meet the toughest standards

There’s no more critical or demanding job for a generator set than supporting a forward-deployed combat team. PG Controls supports that mission with governor actuators for small (5kW, 10kW and 15kW) models of the latest military generator equipment.
Buffalo Turbine Cyclone

Buffalo Turbine Cyclone Blower

Buffalo Turbine (BT) is a globally-recognized designer and manufacturer of high performance debris blowers for a variety of markets from landscaping and agriculture to municipal and public event cleanup. Among their many products is the Cyclone series of large, powerful debris blowers...
Jacobsen Truckster

Jacobsen Truckster

Jacobsen’s Truckster is a true heavy duty utility vehicle in both the XD and Cushman configurations. Possessing a rugged and durable construction with large payload capacity, it provides unique value for a variety of commercial and agricultural users. The roomy, comfortable cabin complements Jacobsen’s operator-friendly environment. Transitioning from simple agricultural or greens equipment is easy, and all of the Truckster’s versatility is safely accessible to any competent operator.